① wollastonite used in papermaking, the formation of wollastonite - plant fiber network has more microporous structure of the paper to improve ink absorption properties, and because smoothness was improved through reduced, thereby increasing the printability of paper, thereby reducing plant fiber pulping process emissions. wollastonite interfere with the binding of plant fiber, making it insensitive to humidity, reducing its moisture absorption and extent of deformation increases the dimensional stability of the paper. According to the paper requirements, wollastonite filler content of 5% to 35% range. In addition, the added wollastonite powder also has filled paper coating pigment of paper, improve the appearance, increased whiteness, giving coated paper required properties similar optical properties.

② calcium carbonate used in the paper industry, paper brightness can make good, solid structure, Lee writing, coating uniformity, low friction degree, easy to Moisture and easy to dry and so on. Since the world's paper industry was succeeded by an acidic process steering alkaline or neutral process, calcium carbonate instead of wood pulp and other pigments, to improve the brightness of the paper, no permeability, porosity, bulk density, etc., now calcium carbonate has begun widely used in the paper industry, the annual amount is more than 10 million tons.

Paper industry is the most potential market for the development of nano calcium carbonate. Nano calcium carbonate can be improved by adding nano calcium carbonate in paper, which can improve the strength and speed of the special paper, and can adjust the burning rate of cigarette paper.

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